Made in the 80's, born in the 90's, 

Rosie Alexander is an illustrator, based in the UK.


Growing up a traditional artist with a deep love of

art history, cinema, and storytelling;

Rosie quickly went on to have an insatiable appetite 

for modern technologies and comics.


Her work is bright, incandescent and often flirts

with the idea of saying something more.   


In 2018 her first published comic 

'The Little Deaths of Watson Tower',

written by Nick Bryan, hit stores. 

Followed by 'Saffron: Spacetime Academy Adventures',

written by Samuel George London, 

published through Fair Spark Books.


She is currently working on 

'Sleeping with the Maker', 

her first debut graphic novel.


For all business enquiries, feel free to email her at rosie@rosielah.com or 

head to the contact page!

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