Rosie Alexander is a London based illustrator, comic artist, and podcaster. Her work has an enthusiastic focus on character design, erotica, and electric vibrancy.

Coining the phrase #neongush when describing her illustrations, she has gained traction online with her sensual pieces, helping to open doors and break taboos with viewer censorship.


Her work is punk when employing artistic rules, in method, and in practice. Chasing a colour palette that gives the most energy and personal inspiration.

Having studied at Norwich University College of the Arts (Fine Art) and Cambridge School of Art (Illustration and Animation), the biggest growth she discovered was in the endless hours spent diving into her deepest interests from any and every nook, uninhibited. The world has many rooms to discover, explore and learn from.

Co-host, creator, and editor on Drunk Art Review Podcast, you can tune in to listen to Rosie prattle on about amazing, weird and beautiful art, current and historical.

She has a love of cinema, video games, and neon-lit streets.

If you ever want to go grab a coffee or long island iced tea, hit her up.

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P r e v i o u s   a n d   U p c o m i n g    N o t a b l e   P u b l i s h e d   w o r k s...

'The Little Deaths of Watson Tower' 2018 - Written by Nick Bryan

'SAFFRON: Spacetime Academy Adventures' 2019 - Written by Samuel George London

'The Indie Guide: First Edition' Catalogue Feature 2020 - Created by WITH LOLA and The Indie Guide 

'Eros + Venus: An Artbook by Rosielah' 2021 - Created by Rosie Alexander

'FairyFare' Vol. 1 2021 - Written by Nick Bryan

'Go Fish'  2022 Written by Andy Conduit-Turner ( U P C O M I N G )

'Smell the Roses' 2022 Written by Michael Finnie ( U P C O M I N G )

'FairyFare' Vol. 2 2022 - Written by Nick Bryan ( U P C O M I N G )

E x h i b i t i o n s   a n d   C o l l a b o r a t i o n s...

'Sleeping With The Maker' Solo Exhibition 2014 - Cambridge Art's Picturehouse 

'Sea History Differently' Museum Exhibition 2015 - The Time and Tide Museum

Mural Artist 2015/17 - Cineworld Cinemas LTD

'Circus: Show of Shows'  Museum Exhibition 2016 - The Time and Tide Museum

'Cinefest: Cineworld Film Festival' 2016 - Cineworld Cinemas LTD - Director, Editor, and Producer

Mural Artist 2017 - Suffolk Young Peoples Health Project

'Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms' Opening Night Exhibition 2018 - Light Cambridge Cinemas

'VIBRANT PUNK' LED Creatives Exhibition 2021 - Ronin Body Arts

'Eros + Venus' Solo Exhibition TBA ( P O S T P O N E D )

F e a t u r e s...

'Comics For The Apocalypse' Podcast 2019 + 2021 - Interview

'The Creators Journey' Podcast 2020 - Interview

WITH LOLA 2020 - Drunk Art Review Podcast Feature

Little White Lies 2020 - Netflix 'Rebecca'